Cadillac Museum, Hachenburg

A local collection of American cars and Rock'n'Roll memorabilia

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MAN Museum

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MAN and manroland web systems have been producing diesel engines and printing presses in Augsburg since the 19th century. The MAN Museum has been dedicated to these two products among other works of MAN engineering in the premises of the former Research Institute for Mechanics and Design since 1953. A journey through time from the first diesel engine to the innovative products and services of today - in the MAN Museum Augsburg you can admire, among other things, the first test diesel engine from around 1893.

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Rune Lutsi Collection

Private collection of cars and motorcycles.

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Transport Museum Wythall

A collection of about 100 buses and battery-electric vehicles (milk floats and bread vans), plus a miniature steam railway operating on Event Days. Three large display halls with workshops, social history interpretation, an industry-related paraphernalia!

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The Patrick Collection

The Patrick Collection began back in 1960 when a decaying Austin Ten was spotted in a driveway in Hockley Heath, this was no ordinary car however, It had been built by coach builders at Patrick Motors Ltd in the 1930’s and, after it was purchased for the princely sum of £5, the two men who had originally built it , lovingly restored it to its former glory. Unfortunately, due to the inability to make the museum financially viable it was agreed to gradually reduce the scale of the museum.

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South Yorkshire Transport Museum

The South Yorkshire Transport Museum, formerly the Sheffield Bus Museum is currently home to around 50 vehicles including cars, buses and a tramcar body.
Some of these vehicles are owned by the museum and some are privately owned.
All of these vehicles are at different stages of restoration, some fully restored to their former glory.

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Scottish Vintage Bus Museum

The Scottish Vintage Bus Museum is set in a 49-acre site, north of Dunfermline and houses over 100 buses, as well as trains, a horse tram, and other exhibits.

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Keighley Bus Museum

The Keighley Bus Museum Trust was founded in 1992 to create a permanent museum of public road passenger transport in the Keighley area. It's home to a large collection of vintage vehicles, including many former Keighley, Bradford and West Yorkshire-based buses.

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Norfolk Motorcycle Museum

Norfolk Motorcycle Museum was started over 25 years ago by George Harmer and ever since George and his son Steve have been collecting motorcycles from 1900's to the 1980's. With over 150 motorcycle you could say this is the place for the most hard core motorcycle enthusiasts but really this is a place for any one with a like for vintage items.

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Moray Motor Museum

Based in the centre of Elgin (the capital of Morayshire, close to the Cooper Park), Moray Motor Museum is housed in a light and airy old mill building, part of which dates back to the era of the Cathedral when the Bishops of Moray ruled Moravia, and was used by them as a grain mill. The Moray Motor Museum houses a superb collection of veteran, vintage, classic cars and motorbikes.

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