Classic Car Collection Martin

Original name: 
Oldtimer-Sammlung Martin

'Autohaus Martin', a dealership has a nice and extensive Opel classic car collection, which also contains very rare examples, such as two pre-war convertibles with special bodies. These classic cars and classic vehicles are witnesses to the automotive development at Opel over the past 80 years. You can marvel at over 25 classic cars, most of them in a ready-to-drive condition. Some vehicles are still in an unrestored but still good condition, just as they were put in our 'basement' a few years / decades ago.

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Erwin Hymer Museum

Original name: 
Das Erwin Hymer Museum

The Erwin Hymer Museum tells the cultural and technical history of caravanning from the point of view of adventurers, pioneers and travelers. The interactive exhibition invites you to participate and experience it yourself. A cheerful parade of more than 80 historical vehicles; caravans, camping buses, cars, motorbikes and much more from all over the world, from tiny to huge, sometimes bizarre and rare, evoke memories, tell stories and invite you to be amazed.

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Tjorven Café & Museum

This little exhibition focuses on the KVAB Kalmar utility vehicles.

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Auto & Tractor Museum Bodensee

Original name: 
Auto & Traktor Museum Bodensee

The Auto & Tractor Museum is an exciting museum with a total of 350 automobiles, motorcycles and tractors. The vehicles are integrated into a collection of countless exhibits, which show the development of rural and urban life over the past 100 years. Tools, technical equipment, household appliances, doll's houses and also different workshops take the visitor back in time. The different epochs of the past 100 years are shown with their typical characteristics in handicrafts, agriculture, automobiles and living.

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Ängelholm Local History Park

Original name: 
Ängelholms Hembygdspark

This park has a Technical Museum, which was opened in April 1994 featuring old bicycles, mopeds, motorcycles and cars and there is also an old horse carriage.

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Swabian Museum of Farming and Technology

Original name: 
Schwäbisches Bauern- und Technikmuseum – eine Reise in die Vergangenheit

The private collection of Eugen Kiemele and his son, Hans Kiemele, this museum features cars, millitary vehicles and agricultural machinery

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Störlinge Agricultural & Motor Museum

Original name: 
Störlinge Lantbruks & Motormuseum

This is an agricultural, engine and technical museum that reflects the development in society during the 20th century. The collection consists of approximately 2500 objects, tractors, implements, engines, locomotives, cars, mopeds, radio and television, cameras, toys and a host of other everyday objects.

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Road History, Swedish National Maritime and Transport Museum

Original name: 
Statens Maritima Museer, Vägsamlingen

The unique road history collections, which are managed by the state-owned Maritime and Transport Museum are stored at a former road station in Kjula outside Eskilstuna. The road history collections consist of hundreds of machines and vehicles from the entire 1900s, along with thousands of objects of different sizes and designs, all of which are linked to road history.

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Teknikland mixes air and military history with technology, play and the joy to discover new things. Bring memories to life, take part in exciting stories, play in our fabulous environment, driving electric cars for the smallest or make your own souvenir in Ellopsernas technology workshop. Do not miss the big Lego exhibition.

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Patina Museum

Original name: 

The museum is divided into a total of 600 square meters on two floors with environments and stands made up of recycled material. "View motor-related gadgets, shoemaking, hairdressing salons and other nostalgia corners in a different environment. We talk mopeds, bikes and other gadgets, which everyone recognizes from a whole century"

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