Veteran Salon

Original name: 
Veterán Szalon
Total votes: 17

Kaáli Museum

Original name: 
Kaáli Autó Motor Museum

A private collection by Professor Géza Kaáli, featuring over 90 motorcycles (almost all Hungarian brands from the 1930s to the 1970s, plus Harley, Zündapp etc.) and around 50 cars, including a 1914 F.N.

Total votes: 21

Wheel of Time Restaurant & Museum

Original name: 
Roata Vremii Restaurantul-muzeu

A local restaurant. Its owner has a classic car collection, which guests can visit.

Total votes: 18

Museum of Oldtimers, Negotino

The retired professor Mr Dionis Pashlakov Dionis Pashlakov from the small Macedonian town Negotino has spent his entire life working on his dream. More than 25 years he has been collecting old timers, in different conditions to finally bring them back to life. Today he is proud to say he has his own Museum for old timers . But this is not where he stops. His ideas are growing and as he says, he will keep working until he is breathing. He has over 108 cars

Total votes: 13

Auto and Ethno Museum "Filip" Krklino

Original name: 
Авто и етно музеј Филип, село Крклино

This eclectic collection near Bitola displays cars, motorcycles, old furniture and more. The auto museum is made up of about a dozen cars, starting with a Simca Ariadne from 1953

Total votes: 14

Nikola Tesla Technical Museum

Original name: 
Tehnički muzej Nikola Tesla

Zagreb's Technical museum and its 60 year tradition proudly follows the footsteps of the great science and technology museums of the world. It is one of the cities' gems. The transportation department offers a chronological journey through the development of water, land, and air transportation.

Total votes: 16

Jawa Museum, Rabakov

The Jawa Museum Rabakov is divided into two separate exhibitions. The first exhibition located in the main building contains a basic comprehensive line from 1929 to 2014. You can see the first motorcycle manufactured under license Janeček - Wanderer, then "how time went" pre-war motorcycles, various types of rockers, police and military motorcycles, motorcycles designed for driving school, Velorex cars and more. The exhibition also includes hundreds of period advertisements, old oil cans and other items associated with motoring in the past.

Total votes: 16

Overloon War Museum

Original name: 
Oorlogsmuseum Overloon

War belongs in the museum. That is the motto of the War Museum Overloon. The War Museum Overloon presents the history of the Second World War. Here you see how it can be that in five years’ time more than fifty million people lost their lives, but also how the oppressed people resourcefully coped with restrictions and shortages

Total votes: 16

Hjallerup Museum of Mechanics

Original name: 
Hjallerup Mekaniske Museum

Hjallerup Museum of Mechanics is a historical museum that collects and stores tractors, cars and motors, MC’s, air planes, farming equipment plus other mechanics and mechanical equipment. Even some of the first Danish made electric cars are displayed.

You voted 2. Total votes: 19

PanzerMuseum East

PanzerMuseum East is Scandinavia's largest private collection of military vehicles from the Warsaw Pact. Here you will find tanks , Armored Personnel Carriers, Infantry Fighting Vehicles, self-propelled and towed artillery, ground-to-air missile system, field hospital, trucks, jeeps, uniforms, medals, awards and technical equipment such as engines, fire control, radio communications, as well as motorcycles.

Total votes: 18


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