Dimitrie Leonida Technical Museum

Original name: 
Muzeul Naţional Tehnic “prof. ing. Dimitrie Leonida”

Dimitrie Leonida was a Romanian engineer who founded the country’s first electrical and mechanical engineering school in 1908, and relied on help from the school’s staff and faculty to open the Technical Museum one year later. The museum covers a wide range of topics related to engineering and the physical sciences, including 1960s nuclear power plant technology, gamma spectrometers, horse-powered oil extraction techniques, magnetic and electrical fields, chemistry, mining, telecommunications, and hydraulics.

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Romanian Automobile Museum

Original name: 
Muzeul Automobilului Romanesc

A museum dedicated to cars built in Romania

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National Museum of Military History

Original name: 
Национальный музей военной истории

The National Museum of Military History (NMMH) is a state museum, which from its establishment until today is a structure of the Ministry of Defense (respectively the Ministry of War and the Ministry of National Defense).It investigates, preserves, processes scientifically and popularizes cultural valuables connected with the national and European military history. NMMH develops its activities throughout the country.

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Retro Museum

Located in the parking house of this biggest shopping mall in Varna, this exhibition includes exhibits from the period 1944-1989, which shows artifacts related to how Bulgarians lived under socialism. Bulgarian unfiltered cigarettes, Russian vacuum cleaners, Gedera household goods, Polish cosmetics and the most coveted cars, produced in the former COMECON are being displayed.

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Cars of Socialism Museum, Peshtera

Original name: 
Музей автомобилите на социализма град Пещера

This museum is part of the Heat Hotel Complex and it is housed in an authentically preserved cinema, "which further contributes to the realistic feeling of being transported back to the time of Georgi Dimitrov and Todor Zhivkov.... Here you can see numerous retro cars from the socialist era and also many objects from the life of the people of that time, their toys, radios, TVs, numerous signs with slogans etc."

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Local Traffic Museum Dortmund - Bahnhof-Mooskamp

Original name: 
Nahverkehrsmuseum Dortmund – Bahnhof-Mooskamp

Local Transport Museum in Dortmund includes some buses, trolleys and trucks near the huge collection of trams and railway history.

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Vehicle and Technical Museum "Alte Feuerwache"

Original name: 
Fahrzeug- und Technikmuseum Alte Feuerwache

The Vehicle and Technical Museum in Ibbenbüren was founded in 2011 by Manfred Jesse after 40 years in the automotive industry. It is a restoration workshop, which features an exhibition of various classic cars and other collectibles.

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NSU Motorcycle Museum, Eschershausen

Original name: 
Motorrad-Auto- Nostalgie-Museum

The NSU Museum near Eschershausen documents the motorized two-wheeler history of the pre- and post-war period with a large number of exhibits. In authentic graphs, for example, long-distance tourism, for which the Lambretta was an integral part, is impressively staged. It was used to drive across the Alps to the sunny south! Even the oldest NSU motorcycle in the collection, from 1927, is ready to go. Günter Dischereit has restored almost every piece himself and can tell his own story about the objects!

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Pietarsaari Motor Museum

Original name: 
Pietarsaaren Moottorimuseo

This museum primarily focuses on engines, indoor and outdoor boat engines to be exact. But there are about 50 motorcycles and motorised bicycles shown as well.

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Benelli Bauer Museum

Original name: 
Benelli Bauer Museum

The owner of this store, Wilfried Blöthe has been a great Benelli enthusiast for 40 years and has an extensive private museum that houses around 100 motorcycles.

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