Black Country Museum

The Museum is essentially an urban heritage park to which buildings from throughout the Black Country have been relocated and are brought to life to tell the story of the area's rich heritage. Exhibits include motor vehicles, trams and trolleybuses.

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C.M. Booth Collection

The main feature is the unique collection of Morgan 3 wheel cars, 11 are normally on display, dating from 1909 to 1935. Other vehicles include: 1929 Ford 'A', 1929 Morris Van,1904 Humber tri-car, 1936 Bampton Caravan, 1911 P&M m/c sidecar, 1911 Premier m/c. Bicycles and tricycles, displays of toy and model cars, surrounded with auto-mobilia.

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Gladstone Court Museum

Part of the Biggar Museum Trust, the Gladstone Court Museum is one of the most fascinating small museums you are likely to find anywhere. An absolute treasure trove drawn from Biggar's past, it allows visitors to wander through a series of interconnected "streets" and explore the many old shops, offices, workshops and other premises which these give access to. Workshops on view include that of Andrew Reid, watch and clockmaker, who was one of half a dozen to have plied their trade in Biggar in the 1800s.

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Llangolen Motor Museum

The museum is a much loved family run business, We are very welcoming and love to here your stories of your memories. Most of the vehicles are on the road, such as a model “T” Ford, a Vauxhall 14/40, and several Austins and Citroen’s.

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Beamish Museum

Beamish is a world famous open air museum telling the story of the people of North East England at two important points in their history – 1825 and 1913.

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Atwell-Wilson Motor Museum

​We are a small friendly museum situated in the heart of Wiltshire. The majority of our 100+ exhibits are cars from the 1920s onwards. We also have a collection of motorcycles, mopeds and bicycles. You can also see interesting motoring memorabilia, our Jack Spittle Model Lorry Collection and a reconstructed 1930s style garage complete with vehicles.

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Aston Manor Road Transport Museum

Aston Manor Road Transport Museum houses a collection of historic and classic vehicles and related exhibits that will bring back memories of a bygone era. See how transport in the Midlands has evolved from the 1900s to the present day, all in the original setting of a Birmingham Tram Depot.

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The Malta Classic Car Collection

The ‘Classic Cars Collection ‘ museum is a tribute to automobile industry set in approx 3000sqm boasting all the latest facilities one would expect to find a fine establishment. The Museum features a “living” collection of large selection of automobiles, constantly being updated through acquisitions. The current collection spans over 50 manufacturing years. The cars range from classics such as Alfa Romeo, Austin, Jaguar, Fiat, Ford, MG, Mini, Sunbeam, Triumph to the latest BMW’s, Jaguar and Ferrari. There are also classic motorbikes such as BSA, Lambretta and Vespa.

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Anglesey Transport Museum - Tacla Taid

Tacla Taid, the Anglesey Transport Museum, is the largest of its kind in Wales. It features displays of cars, motorbikes, commercial and farm vehicles and static engines.
Walk back in time and see over 60 gleaming classic cars and vehicles from the 1920s onwards.

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Amberley Working Museum

Amberley Working Museum is a 36 acre open-air museum dedicated to the industrial heritage of the south-east. Staffed largely by volunteers, the Museum contains a wide range of exhibits, ranging from transport-based collections, such as the Southdown bus collection & the village garage, to industry-based collections, such as the Print Workshop & Wheelwrights.

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