Oldtimer Museum Presečki

Original name: 
Muzej oldtimera Presečki

More than 25 years of dedicated collection and restoration of vintage vehicles have been summarized and presented to the public on 1,100 square meters of exhibition space where visitors can immerse themselves in the history of automotive and motorcycle culture. The museum is at the same time a combination of enthusiasm and professionally done business upgrades - the result is a unique facility specializing in automotive heritage and the presentation of the history of motoring and motorcycling. There are over twenty cars and more than sixty motorcycles.

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Oldtimer Museum Scardona Park

This unique museum of technical culture in Dalmatia is prepared and equipped for months to finally open the door to the first visitors on July 1, 2018. The Conceptive Museum presents the exhibition "Ferdinand Budicki Museum in Skradin", which is organized in partnership with the Museum of the same name in Zagreb.

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Technical-Ethnological Museum, Stara Gora

Original name: 
Tehnični-Etnološki Muzej Društva Oldtimer Stara Gora

The Oldtimer Stara Gora assocation bought an old farm, refurbished it. Since 2017 it displays a collection of various devices, tractors, motorcycles, mopeds and farm equipment.

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Slovenska Bistrica Castle

The castle houses a lot of different collection, including one which was put together by the AMK Classic club: "Cars, motorcycles and mopeds are displayed in the larger room, while the smaller one contains old bicycles. Various tools and other technical objects complement the collection of vehicles. The exhibition illustrates the progress from the first bicycles to motorized modes of transportation. There are numerous other cars, motorcycles and various interesting objects still waiting to be restored and displayed. All the items are private property of the members of the club"

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IMV Museum

Original name: 
Muzejska Zbirka IMV

This museum was realised by the IMV club. It shows the history of the automobile and trailer industry in Dolenjska, which has a key impact on life in the entire region, but it still has a great influence on the development of the entire economy and promotion of successful products in Slovenia all over the world.

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Tomos Collection, Marjan Eberl

Original name: 
Zbirka motorjev in mopedov Tomos - Eberl Marjan

A private collection of 56 motorcycles and scooters, plus 2 cars

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JJ Puch Museum, Ljutomer

Original name: 
Muzej JJ Puch v LJutomeru

A local collection honouring Slovenian-born Johann Janez Puch

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Péli Classic Motorcycle Collection

Original name: 
Veterán Motor Gyűjtemény

Tibor Péli's private motorcycle collection with some really interesting locally made motorcycles

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The outdoor museum located at Budapest Airport showcases the history of Hungarian aviation: an enjoyable, interactive exhibition, from the appearance of the Li-2 to the Tu-154, with 14 aircraft and numerous pieces of ground service equipment - including plenty of interesting Ikarus buses and passenger cars used by the airport in the 1970s and 1980s.

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Veteran Salon

Original name: 
Veterán Szalon
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