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Technical Museum Tatra

Technické muzeum Tatra
"The most comprehensive collection dedicated to the documentation of historic development of Tatra has its place in Kopřivnice as well. In representation premises opened on October 3, 1997 nonspecialists as well as professional public may experience a fascinating reflection of times in which the Kopřivnice car factory managed to reach – with the help of pioneering methods – to the tops of technical development of motor vehicles. The exhibited cars themselves but also their parts (including unique air-cooled engines) enable to perceive time-unconventional ideas and which became a principle of local designers. The exhibition is supplemented by 7 audiovisual boxes that provide comprehensive additional information in form of videoclips, exhibited models, constructers' car designs, trophies from many sports events and photographies commemorating other out of many products that have not been preserved until present time. The listing of exhibits is completed with the biggest of them, a representative of Tatra railway production, express motor wagon also known as "Slovenská strela""

Záhumenní 367/1
742 21 Kopřivnice

+420 556 808 422